Summer Cooking is COOL!
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Summer Cooking is COOL
Course Table of Contents:
Preparing for Cool Summer Cooking
  • Lesson #1: Grill Issues That Could Ruin Your Summer
  • Lesson #2: Choosing a Grill
  • Lesson #3: Farmers Market Shopping Success Tips
  •  Lesson #4: Coastal Fish Market For The Freshest Fish
  •  Lesson #5: Buying Shrimp: On-site in Hawaii
Cool Summer Foods to Cook
  • Lesson #1: Organic Beef: On-site at the Farm in Hawaii
  • Lesson #2: Why Grass-Fed Beef Makes the Best Steaks
  • Lesson #3: Corn on the Cob: How to Cook it Right for Best Results
  •  Lesson #4: Freezing Corn on the Cob
  •  Lesson #5: Digging Up Great Summer Flavors
  •  Lesson #6: Strawberry Season: On-site at the Strawberry Farm
Preparing Cool Summer Foods
  • Lesson #1: How To Open Clams Without A Hammer
  • Lesson #2: The 3 Ways To Clean Shrimp For Dozens Of Dinners
  • Lesson #3: Cutting A Whole Chicken Into 10 Pieces For Barbecue
  •  Lesson #4: Dry Fresh Herbs and Preserve Their Flavors
  •  Lesson #5: The Easy Technique For Pretty Strawberry Fans
  •  Lesson #6: Strawberry Syrup Sweetens Up Summer
  •  Lesson #7: Super-Charged Strawberry Pancakes
  •  Lesson #8: Dicing Melons For Summer Salads
  •  Lesson #9: A Cleaner Way To Eat Watermelon
  •  Lesson #10: Cutting Pineapple On A Cliff In Hawaii
Cool Summer Cooking Methods
  • Lesson #1: Grilling Rub Adds Flavor For The Worst Cooks
  • Lesson #2: Quick and Simple Grilling Marinade
  • Lesson #3: 10 Tips For Grilling From Culinary School
  •  Lesson #4: Grilling The Perfect Hamburger
  •  Lesson #5: Grilling Fish That Doesn’t Stick
  •  Lesson #6: Clam Broth For Tomorrow’s Chowder
  •  Lesson #7: Chef Todd’s Baked Stuffed Clams
  •  Lesson #8: Long Island Clam Chowder
  •  Lesson #9: Fish Stew Cooked Right On The Beach
  •  Lesson #10: Champagne and Melon Soup
  •  Lesson #11: Strawberry Jam From Pot To Jar
  •  Lesson #12: Canning BBQ Sauce
Cool Summer Salads
  • Lesson #1: How to Make Salad Dressings with 3 Ingredients
  • Lesson #2: Different Types of Salads for Different Meals
  • Lesson #3: A Simple Yet Elegant 30 Second Dessert
  •  Lesson #4: Fruit Ambrosia
What You're Getting:

Summer Cooking is COOL!

  • Digital Course Includes: 37 Lesson Videos (in 6 Sections) on all things "Summer Cooking" - so you never run out of ideas or the methods for creating them! (see full course curriculum below Step #2)
  • Bonus: "Fishing for Flavor" Guide
    Tips for selecting, determining freshness, purchasing, and storing fresh fish and shellfish
  • Bonus: "Picnic Food Safety" Reference Guide
    The three ways that food can become unsafe, and how to keep it out of the temperature danger zone
  • Bonus: "Grilling Methods" Primer
    Selecting the right items to grill, the 9 step procedure for the best results, and how to determine doneness in grilled items
  • Bonus: "Temperature Done-ness" Poster
    Post this in your garage, on the porch or next to the grill to remind yourself of the final internal temperatures of your grilled items.
  • Bonus: "Meat of the Matter" Quick Reference Guide
    Identifies your main goal in cooking meats, explains beef cuts and lists dry heat versus moist heat cooking methods
  • Bonus: "Dry Rub Spice Teams" Roster
    The spice combinations from 10 countries that can inspire you to create your own dry rub blend
  • Bonus: "Vegetable Cooking" Primer
    This guide will give you all the methods for cooking the best vegetables, general rules of cookery, and the standards of quality to look for
  • 30 Day "You Keep the Bonuses" Full Money-Back Guarantee!
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